Clay Owls


After a near clay-tastrophe with our first set of pieces (in our excitement about painting and decoration we forgot the bisque firing stage completely) I was keen to go for a nice, simple project. These clay owls fit the bill perfectly. I can vaguely remember making something similar many years ago when I was in Brownies, but I wanted a bit of a refresher so I searched online and found this great tutorial on a site called

Amelia did all her decoration with a pen lid and a kebab stick. She made the eyes with the pen lid, while I scored and slipped 2 little circles on mine for a 3D effect as well as triangle for the beak. (We didn’t score and slip any other parts of the owl, as being made from a complete circle I figured nothing could fall off – time will tell if that was the right choice!)

Amelia making her owl

When we were finished folding and decorating the owls, I added a hole for hanging (in hindsight 2 holes, one on each ear, might have looked better, but never mind). I also shaped my owl by smoothing the edges with my fingers to make it a little more rounded.

This is a fantastic project for children, as the creations look great, and even preschool kids can manage it pretty much independently (4 year old Amelia’s owl is on the left of the first picture, with mine on the right.)

I’ll add some more pictures when they’re fired and glazed – and this time we’ll make sure to bisque them first!



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