My 17 month old loves parrots. It started when her grandad bought her a brightly coloured parrot finger puppet, which quickly became a favourite toy. Now every time she sees a parrot picture she points, smiles and does this cute little thing with her finger like she’s making a pecking beak. My 4 year old just likes anything rainbow coloured, so I was pretty sure these rainbow macaw suncatchers would be a hit with both of them!



  • Black card
  • Coloured cellophane
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Laminator & pouches (optional)

parrot making

First make your macaw template by drawing it carefully on black card (or find an image on the internet, print it out and stick this to the card). Cut around all the inside sections with a craft knife, so you have something like the first image.

Next use the glue stick to glue all around the black outlines on one side of the template. Cut strips of cellophane and lay them across the cutout areas to give your parrot its colouring. (I just used one colour for each section but Amelia found this a bit tricky and layered random shapes across one another, which gave a really good effect when they mixed).

parrotc_edited-1Finally, cut around the parrot shape and remove the excess black card (you can do this before you start adding cellophane, but we found it easier and neater to leave this step til the end).

To finish it all off I then laminated our suncatchers to give them a glossy finish and prevent pieces of cellophane falling off, but this isn’t necessary. I also added an eye with a Sharpie marker (original plan was to use a hole punch to make a dot from black card and add this before laminating, but I forgot and the Sharpie worked just as well!)

Here’s the finished suncatchers on our window. They looked like little lovebirds, so we made a cellophane heart to go with them too. 🙂



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