My 5-year-old’s school homework this week was to make a model dinosaur. We started with the simple materials below (2l drinks bottle, wrapping paper tube, yogurt pot, silver foil and masking tape).


We cut 4 short lengths from the wrapping paper tube to use as legs, then used masking tape to attach the remaining long section to the drink bottle at an angle to make a long neck. We attached the yogurt pot to the top of the tube to form a head, then shaped a tail out of silver foil.

We used more silver foil to shape the dinosaur’s back and chest, then covered the whole thing in masking tape.


The masking tape was followed by 2 layers of paper mache (newspaper strips soaked in PVA glue diluted 50:50 with water) and finished with a layer of plain white paper.


Amelia painted the dinosaur, choosing orange and gold for the body, then sticking on white paper circles for eyes and adding detail with black paint.


Our junk-o-saurus was complete!



2 thoughts on “Drink Bottle Dinosaur

  1. Awesome! When I was a kid I took two Paper Mache’ Summer courses. In both of them I made a dinosaur with a balloon, paper towel roll, and newspaper to gone for the tale, and fold for the face. 🙂 I had a blast both times! Ofcourse one of my dinosaurs was far superior to the other one considering there was nearly a decade difference between the two classes. 😉

    Ya’ll did an awesome job, and it looks like she had an awesome time!


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